frame-PECVDProcess :
● Apply to 125/156 size wafers
● Compatible to different sizes of  tube PECVD equipment and  plate  PECVD equipment

Features :
● Online dual-channel design shared by all AB
● Online integration of AOI and IV testing
● Incoming cell automatic detection and throwing function Linear motor quick pick and place function
● Stand-alone four-station platform
● High speed and high productivity
● High efficiency and low breakage rate
● Cell classification automatically
● Wafer ID tracking function
● stack automatically switch
● MES interface and remote diagnosis
● OEE statistics and energy consumption analysis Loading: online, offline
● Unloading: Stacked box
● Optional single/dual track design, whole/split layout

● AOI front or back detection
● IV front or back detection, optional brand HALM or WAVELAB Cell classification number display and print function
● RFID tag identification function
● IGV intelligent docking function

Advantage :
● High Accuracy (SMega Pixel Smart Camera Positioning Accuracy and Repeatability less than 1 Oum@3 cr High resolution linear motor )
● High efficiency and low breakage rate(Uptime≥98.5% Breakage≤0.1 % )
● High Throughput (Throughput:8000pcs/hour Cycle time≤0.9sec )
● High Output (Output: 140,000 pcs/day 8000pcs/hourx98%x22=176000pcs/day)
● Intelligent shuttle robot arm (Multi-axis shuttle arm design, independent control Absolute encoder design Quick stack switch )

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